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Bengt August Johnson

Was 58 years.

Father:Johan Bernhard Johansson (1839 - 1904)
Mother:Johanna Beata Bengtsdotter (1840 - 1927)

Born:1863-06-24 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1)
Dead:1921-08-14 Frewsburg, New York


Worked on several estates in Hallands Län including FRÖLINGE where he and sister Anna served together for a time. Also worked in meat markets.

Had 7 children by May 31, 1901 when they moved to the U S with his mother, father and sister ( Anna Beata who married Nels Anderson in May, 1901 ). The trip took about 2 weeks: they arrived in the U.S. about June 15.

They lived in Colegrove for one year, then two in Tambine, ten years in Port Allegany, one in Akron, Ohio and finally to Jamestown, NY. They bought a farm there, near Frewsburg, just months before he passed away from pneumonia.

Personal History

1863 Birth 1863-06-24 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län.  1)
1867 3 years Brother Carl Alfred Johansson is born 1867-05-24 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1870 6 years Brother Edward Johansson is born 1870-04-06 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1872 8 years Brother Karl Albert Johansson Johnson is born 1872-06-03 Perstorp Ugglebo, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1874 10 years Brother Oscar Johansson is born 1874-05-17 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1877 13 years Sister Alma Johansdotter is born 1877-05-02 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1879 15 years Sister Anna Beata Johansdotter is born 1879-06-06 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1883 19 years Sister Tekla Johansdotter is born 1883-01-31 Hjuleberg, Abild, Hallands Län 1).
1904 41 years Father Johan Bernhard Johansson dies 1904-10-14 Abdil, Hallands län.
1921 58 years Death 1921-08-14 Frewsburg, New York.


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