Personal Record Pedigree Chart

Emil Johnson

Spinneriarbetare Emigrerade till Amerika 1882-04-28. Was 74 years.

Father:III:3 Johannes Svensson (1825 - 1911)
Mother:Johanna Jansdotter (1839 - 1876)

Born:1865-08-07 Borås, Älvsborgs län 1)
Buried:1940-01 Gethsemane Cem. Detroit, Michigan
Dead:1940-01-11 Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan 2)

Family with Louise Sipress (1868 - 1925)

Marriage:1890-02-04 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 3)

Pearl Elaine Johnson (1892 - 1974)
Amy Violet Johnson (1898 - 1987)


Methodist per either Carol or Amy but - buried at the Lutheran Cemetery in Ferndale, MI per the Battle Creek Moon Journal obit. and his Death Certificate but, confirmed by Martha Sielaff, he is actually in:
Gethsemane cemetery (Hebble Funeral Home in Battle Creek)
10755 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, MI 48213
Section D Lot 440
Graves 12-13 (Louise is in the other grave)
The Autumn 1997 issue of Sweden & America in an article about Swedes in Indiana says (p10): "A number of Swedes settled in South Bend, and many were employed in the Studebaker Wagon Works and Oliver Chilled Plow Works. James Oliver was particularly fond of the Swedish workers, many of whom came from Borås and Kalmar, others from Värmand and Småland"

Emil Striped Wagons (1900 Census says he was a "Carriage Painter) at Studebaker and at Packard in Detroit. I can remember seeing his brushes.

1st car was a 1912 Ford.
Lived at 5811 Seneca out Grand River in Detroit. I can remember going there.

Backed an Auto Parts Wholesale operation with Dad in Royal Oak after Carol was born, before me. Maybe with Insurance receipts after Louise's death ?

From "Emibas":

Efternamn: JOHANSON
Förnamn: EMIL
Ålder: 17 Kön: M
Född: 1864/1865
Församling: BORÅS Län: P
Utresehamn: GÖTEBORG
Utvandrdag: 1882 04 28
Destination: BOSTON
Medåkande: NEJ
Källkod: 19:662:15985

Personal History

1865 Birth 1865-08-07 Borås, Älvsborgs län.  1)
1867 2 years Brother Johan August Johnson Svensson is born 1867-11-14 Borås, Älvsborgs län 4).
1868 3 years Spouse Louise Sipress is born 1868-11-16 Preussen.
1874 8 years Sister Jennie Amalia Johnson Chilberg is born 1874-03-12 Borås, Nr 53, Älvsborg Län 4).
1876 10 years Mother Johanna Jansdotter dies 1876-04-13 Borås, Älvsborgs län 5).
1890 24 years Marriage Louise Sipress 1890-02-04 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.  3)
1892 26 years Daughter Pearl Elaine Johnson is born 1892-04-23 Mishawaka, Indiana.
1898 33 years Daughter Amy Violet Johnson is born 1898-10-20 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana.
1911 45 years Father III:3 Johannes Svensson dies 1911-08-02 Aspelund, Boarp Skattegården, Gällstad, Älvsborgs län.
1925 59 years Spouse Louise Sipress dies 1925-01-09 Detroit, Michigan 6).
1940 Burial 1940-01 Gethsemane Cem. Detroit, Michigan.
1940 74 years Death 1940-01-11 Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan.  2)


1)Census Records, 1990 Census. Ross Twp ED111 Sheet 7 P138A Indiana
Shows age as 34 in June, 1900. Born 1865
2)Vital Records
Death Certificate issued by the Michigan Department of Health. State file No.21311177
3)Vital Records
Marriage License #149161 issued Februrary 4, 1890 by the Clerk of the Cook Count, IL Court. Also shows that the Marriage was performed that same day by a Minister whose name is not decipherable.
5)Älvsborg scb : döda 1876 _ 100015.87.38100
6)Vital Records
Death Certificate issued by the Michigan Department of Health.