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J. Hugo Aronson

Guvernör i Montana 1953-61. Was 86 years.

Father:Johan Aron Johansson (1856 - 1927)
Mother:Juliana Fredrika Johansdotter (1857 - 1940)

Born:1891-09-01 Soldattorpet Kullen, Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län 1)
Buried:1978 Pleasant View Cemetery, Davenport, Washington
Dead:1978-02-25 Columbia Falls, Flathead County, Montana

Family with Matilda Langane (1896 - 1936)

Marriage:1919-06-03 Paris, Frankrike

Family with Rose Myrtle McClurie (1904 - 1968)

Marriage:1944-09-25 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota 2)

Rika Aronson (1945 - )



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Aronsson, Johan Hugo
Ogift man

f. 1/9 1891 i Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län (Västergötland)

Utvandrad 28/10 1910
från Fässberg, Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län (Västergötland)
till Nordamerika

Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 21

Emibas emigrationsakt: Södra Säm P 1910 002

From :

Aronson, John Hugo (1891-1978) — also known as J. Hugo Aronson; "The Galloping Swede" — of Montana. Born in Sweden, September 1, 1891. Republican. Member of Montana state house of representatives, 1938; member of Montana state senate, 1944; Governor of Montana, 1953-61; delegate to Republican National Convention from Montana, 1960. Swedish ancestry. Died in the Veterans Hospital at Columbia Falls, Flathead County, Mont., February 25, 1978. Interment at Pleasant View Cemetery, Davenport, Washington.


Governor John Hugo Aronson, a Republican from Cut Bank, was born September 1, 1891, in Gallstad, Sweden. "The Galloping Swede" was a former Glacier County Senator and Hi-Line businessman. Governor Aronson served from 1953 to 1961. Aronson authorized the exclusive revenue for the state Highway Department with the creation of state gasoline user taxes. Governor Aronson also authorized the creation of the Legislative Council to assist the legislative branch in the creation of necessary law.

Montana Governor John Hugo Aronson

Born: September 1, 1891
Died: February 25, 1978
Birth State: Other
Party: Republican
Family: Married twice--Matilda Langane, Rose McClure; one child
Religion: Lutheran

Periods in Office: From: January 4, 1953
To: January 4, 1961

State Web Site

J. HUGO ARONSON, the fourteenth governor of Montana, was born in Gallstad, Sweden on September 1, 1891. His education was limited and attained in the public schools of his native country. In 1911 he immigrated to the United States, where he traveled to numerous states, working various odd jobs. He eventually settled in Sunburst, Montana and became established in the oil rigging business. Aronson first entered politics as alderman of the Cut Bank City Council, a position he held from 1934 to 1938. He also served as a member of the Montana House of Representatives from 1939 to 1944, and was a member of the Montana State Senate from 1945 to 1952. Aronson next secured the Republican gubernatorial nomination, and was elected governor by a popular vote on November 4, 1952. He was reelected to a second term in 1956. During his tenure, the state forestry office was restructured; a gasoline tax was initiated that funded the highway department; prison reform programs were instituted; a legislative council was founded; and a prison riot was dealt with. After completing his term, Aronson stayed active in Republican politics. In 1968, he served as the honorary state campaign chairman for Richard Nixon's presidential race.
Governor J. Hugo Aronson passed away on February 25, 1978, and was buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery in Davenport, Washington.


Sobel, Robert, and John Raimo, eds. Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States, 1789-1978, Vol. 3, Westport, Conn.; Meckler Books, 1978. 4 vols.

Personal History

1891 Birth 1891-09-01 Soldattorpet Kullen, Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län.  1)
1896 4 years Spouse Matilda Langane is born 1896-03-17 France, Pas De Calais, Rang-Du-Fliers.
1897 5 years Brother Erik Egner Johansson is born 1897-06-12 Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län 3).
1904 12 years Spouse Rose Myrtle McClurie is born 1904-03-29 Mondovi, Lincoln, Washington 2).
1919 27 years Marriage Matilda Langane 1919-06-03 Paris, Frankrike.
1927 36 years Father Johan Aron Johansson dies 1927-12-27 Rönnhem, Kättebo, Gällstad, Älvsborgs län 4).
1936 44 years Spouse Matilda Langane dies 1936-03-01 France, Ile-de-France, Paris.
1940 49 years Mother Juliana Fredrika Johansdotter dies 1940-11-09 Rönnhem, Kättebo, Gällstad, Älvsborgs län 5).
1944 53 years Marriage Rose Myrtle McClurie 1944-09-25 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota.  2)
1945 54 years Daughter Rika Aronson is born 1945-12-13 Cut Bank.
1955 63 years Sister Julia Anette Kristina Johansson dies 1955-02-16 Skogshill, Södra Säm, Älvsborgs län 6).
1956 64 years Brother Erik Egner Johansson dies 1956-05-16 Ebbestad, Länghem, Älvsborgs län 6).
1968 76 years Spouse Rose Myrtle McClurie dies 1968-02-25 Bigfork Lake, Montana 2).
1978 Burial 1978 Pleasant View Cemetery, Davenport, Washington.
1978 86 years Death 1978-02-25 Columbia Falls, Flathead County, Montana.


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