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Andrew G Chilberg

Posttjänsteman, Emigrerade 1883-04-27, Sverigevisit 1902. Was 84 years.

Father:Gustaf Jansson Kilberg (1830 - 1915)
Mother:Stina Andersdotter (1840 - 1907)

Born:1863-11-13 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 1)
Dead:1947-12-29 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana 2)
Buried:Riverview cemetery, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana 2)

Family with Jennie Amalia Johnson Chilberg (1874 - 1955)

Marriage:1894-07-21 Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana 3)

Pearl Edith Chilberg (1895 - 1973)
Alva Victoria Chilberg (1898 - 1985)
Arthur Valdemar Chilberg (1905 - 1955)


22OCT97: Carol says: "You remember Uncle Andrew who often arrived in Batt le Creek unannounced, walking up from the Grand Trunk Railroad Station wi th a box of Philadelphia chocolate candy under his arm."

His name in Sweden was Anders G. Kilberg. He emigrated on April 27, 1883 with South Bend as his destination. Källkod: 22:457:1926 0. He was from Kilerud, KILA, Värmlands Län. (see below)
On the same ship was another 19 year old from that Parrish named Aron Olson, also headed for South Bend. They must have been acquainted before but, if not, they had every chance to be buddies before they arrived in Indiana.

He was a Mail Carrier in South Bend.

He died December 29, 1947 after an illness of five months. Funeral was at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church on January 2, 1948, Rev Earl R. Mattsson. Burial at Riverview cemetery.

At the time of death he was living at 715 W. Wayne St where wife, Jenny w asstill living when she passed away in 1955.

They also lived in the 6th Ward at 305 S. Laurel - from the South Bend 1897 Census. This is on the LDS FHC Film #1673050, item 15.

Surviving him were Jenny, Arthur and the two girls - Mrs Theodore O. Luthman (Alva) of South Bend and Mrs. Henning C. Johnson (Pearl Edith) of Chica go, 1 granddaughter (Jeanne Luthman per Theodore Luthman's obit), 1 brother and 3 sisters still living in Sweden.
Was an Elk in South Bend Lodge 235.
From "Emigranten populär 2006"

Efternamn: KILBERG
Förnamn: A G
Ålder: 19 Kön: M
Född: 1863/1864
Församling: KILA Län: S
Utresehamn: GÖTEBORG
Utvandrdag: 1883 04 27
Destination: SOUTH BEND
Medåkande: NEJ
Källkod: 22:457:19260

From "Emigranten populär 2006"
Efternamn: CHILBERG
Förnamn: ANDREW
Ålder: 38 Kön: M
Född: 1863/1864
Församling: AMERIKA Län: US
Utresehamn: GÖTEBORG
Utvandrdag: 1902 07 30
Destination: SO BEND IND
Medåkande: JA
Källkod: 70:483:29334

Personal History

1863 Birth 1863-11-13 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län.  1)
1866 2 years Sister Anna Maria Gustafsdotter is born 1866-02-21 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1868 4 years Brother August Kilberg is born 1868-10-08 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1872 8 years Sister Augusta Vitalia Kilberg Pettersson is born 1872-03-02 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1872 8 years Brother August Kilberg dies 1872-06-20 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1874 10 years Spouse Jennie Amalia Johnson Chilberg is born 1874-03-12 Borås, Nr 53, Älvsborg Län 1).
1875 11 years Brother August Kilberg is born 1875-06-15 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1878 14 years Brother Arvid Kilberg is born 1878-08-04 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1881 17 years Sister Annie Kilberg is born 1881-05-26 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 4).
1894 30 years Marriage Jennie Amalia Johnson Chilberg 1894-07-21 Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana.  3)
1895 31 years Daughter Pearl Edith Chilberg is born 1895-06-27 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana 2).
1898 34 years Daughter Alva Victoria Chilberg is born 1898-05-16 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana 2).
1905 41 years Son Arthur Valdemar Chilberg is born 1905-02-06 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana 2).
1907 44 years Mother Stina Andersdotter dies 1907-11-29 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 5).
1915 51 years Father Gustaf Jansson Kilberg dies 1915-08-04 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län 5).
1920 56 years Brother August Kilberg dies 1920-07-25 Kilerud, Kila, Värmlands Län.
1947 84 years Death 1947-12-29 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana.  2)


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