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Caroline Andersson Kase Caroline Andersson Kase and daughter Caroline Alene Kase

I needed some serious help

I needed some serious help in finding the Swedish roots of my grandfather who immigrated from Sweden in 1882.
Having tried to find these myself with no success, I contacted Yvonne Henriksson of Swedenroots for help.

With the little information that I could provide, Yvonne went to work and found my family structure in Sweden including my current extended relative base there.
In addition to identifying my “new” relatives in Sweden, Yvonne provided me with contact information which I have used.

My husband and I will be visiting Sweden this summer and the highlight of our trip will be to visit the ancestral home and meet some of my relatives. This was done in one month’s time which is outstanding!

Yvonne Henriksson is very easy to work with and an outstanding communicator.


Caroline Andersson Kase

Otto Andersson

This is Otto in the foreground. He was born 1857 in Järsnäs parish in Sweden and emigrated to America 1881.

Otto had 9 siblings, one of them was his sister Hanna Gustafsson, teacher in in the "Kyrkskolan" in Linderås parish.

Otto is number 2 from the left. He married Ida Carolina, born 1869 in Eksjö parish Sweden and she emigrated 1888.
Otto Anderson began his career as a rancher, working as a ranch hand for W. G. Kerckhoff, and continuing in that capacity for thirty years. During that time he acquired his present ranch holdings, planting the trees thirty-two years ago.